Regional Sales Manager at Union Camerounaise de Brasseries (UCB)

Maximises return on investment and growth of brand equity in the Littoral Region by:
  • Developing and executing the Region channel plan
  • Delivering volume, share, distribution and rate of sales targets in line with the Trade Strategy
  • Engaging and developing the required resources
  • Building strong relationships with trade partners
  • UCB’s aim is to grow its market share of beer, soft drink and water and drive growth in its profits through existing and new brands.
  • Sales force and distributors are critical to this success. A strategic initiative is to grow the distribution of our products from x% to 95% in the region over 3 years.
  • The effective management of the team is crucial to driving long-term growth of our brands.
  • UCB’s Sales force varies in experience, ability and focus on growth. Recruitment and development of the human resources is constant and ongoing.
  • The potential of the region is more than x million crates of beer per month.
  • Delivering the strategic plan targets it is vital for UCB to remain a major player at POP   
    • Delivers up to xk Hl per annum by F25
    • Contributes   X   million   FCFA   Profitability   with   Y million FCFA Discretionary Budgets
    • The   role   is   80%   Field   Based,   reporting   to   the Commercial Director.
    • The  role manages a “PUSH” and “PULL” team of sales force.
    • University Degree (preferably MBA) in Business or related fieldAnd at least 5 years track record in a senior Sales / Marketing / Customer facing role
    Functiona lCapabilitiesInsights (Experienced)
    • Deeply explores information and challenges in order to uncover  consumer/  customer  needs  &  motivations.
    • Selects the most relevant information to generate insights that unlock growth.  
    • Is highly effective in distilling the implications of the insight  for  the business/brand /customer and ensures implementation remains true to the insight.
    SMC (Experienced)
    • Uses all sources of SMC (Consumers Driven Outlets Segmentation) information to uncover growth opportunities and drive the prioritisationof brands/ commercial activity.
    • Coaches other in the value & application of SMC
    Trade Strategy (Experienced)
    • Seeks information from a broad range of internal & external sources to identify opportunities to unlock growth.
    • Focuses on the development of a Trade Strategy to achieve both strategic & brand objectives.
    • Ensures identification of organizational implications.
    Commercial Planning (Mastery)
    • Fully exploits all market opportunities, proactively sharing issues & opportunities across channels. 
    • Redirects resources to deliver future activities based on evaluation of the past.
    Managing Relationships (Mastery)
    • Engages with senior contacts to gain long term support to our mutual benefit.     
    • Is highlyskilled in fostering commitment and resolving conflict. 
    • Can handle tough situations through advanced negotiation skills and effective, collaborative cross-functional team working. 
    Sales Drivers (Experienced)
    • Adopts tried & tested activities for development locally.  
    • Prioritizes Sales Drivers by channel, segment & customer to optimize return on investment. 
    • Evaluates activities against consumer/ shopper impact & customer compliance.
    • Adherence to the Marketing Code.
    Leadership Capabilities Ideas (Experienced)
    • Combines    sound    commercial    experience    with    a rational  and  logical  approach  to  problem  solving  to generate commercially viable initiatives.
    Living the Values (Experienced)
    • Consistent actions reflect a strong personal commitment to consumers, customers and brands.
    • Maintains   integrity   and   generates   trust   in   others across a range of situations.
    Emotional Energy (Mastery)
    • Inspires others around a motivational vision.
    • Wins heartsand minds of collaborators in order to deliver transformational changes
    Edge (Experienced)
    • Drives own performance against clearly defined priorities. Knowswhen to say ‘no’
    • Takes  a  personal  stand  behind  what  is  right  for  the business. 
    • Willing  to  take  somepersonal  risk  when doing this.
    People Performance (Mastery)
    • Is influential at the highest levels and through coaching and  development  builds  teams  of  Diageo  world  class standard.
    COMPETENCES (Savoir-être) / Experience
    • Sales or relevant industry related experience in FMCG, ideally beverage industry, with experience of managing customers of all levels
    • Prior experience in a brewing company is an advantage
    • Strategic vision
    • Deep understanding of the Big Picture (macro PESTEL etc)
    • Strong leader, coach, trainer and facilitator
    • Finance, business management
    • Key Account Management
    • Bilingual English / French is an advantage
    • Healthy and physically robust
    • Computer literate (Microsoft Office)
    • Good driver with a valid license
    • Demande d’emploi
    • Lettre de motivation
    • CV actualisé
    • Photocopie CNI
    • Photocopie du dernier diplôme
    • Envoyer le dossier à l’adresse
    • Ou A la guérite de la Direction Générale d’UCB sis à BASSA/Douala
    • Ou encore Déposer dans l’un de nos centres

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