OFFRE D'EMPLOI: Regional Sales Manager at Union Camerounaise de Brasseries (UCB)

Regional Sales Manager at Union Camerounaise de Brasseries (UCB)

Maximises return on investment and growth of brand equity in the Littoral Region by:
  • Developing and executing the Region channel plan
  • Delivering volume, share, distribution and rate of sales targets in line with the Trade Strategy
  • Engaging and developing the required resources
  • Building strong relationships with trade partners
  • UCB’s aim is to grow its market share of beer, soft drink and water and drive growth in its profits through existing and new brands.
  • Sales force and distributors are critical to this success. A strategic initiative is to grow the distribution of our products from x% to 95% in the region over 3 years.
  • The effective management of the team is crucial to driving long-term growth of our brands.
  • UCB’s Sales force varies in experience, ability and focus on growth. Recruitment and development of the human resources is constant and ongoing.
  • The potential of the region is more than x million crates of beer per month.
  • Delivering the strategic plan targets it is vital for UCB to remain a major player at POP   
    • Delivers up to xk Hl per annum by F25
    • Contributes   X   million   FCFA   Profitability   with   Y million FCFA Discretionary Budgets
    • The   role   is   80%   Field   Based,   reporting   to   the Commercial Director.
    • The  role manages a “PUSH” and “PULL” team of sales force.
    • University Degree (preferably MBA) in Business or related fieldAnd at least 5 years track record in a senior Sales / Marketing / Customer facing role
    Functiona lCapabilitiesInsights (Experienced)
    • Deeply explores information and challenges in order to uncover  consumer/  customer  needs  &  motivations.
    • Selects the most relevant information to generate insights that unlock growth.  
    • Is highly effective in distilling the implications of the insight  for  the business/brand /customer and ensures implementation remains true to the insight.
    SMC (Experienced)
    • Uses all sources of SMC (Consumers Driven Outlets Segmentation) information to uncover growth opportunities and drive the prioritisationof brands/ commercial activity.
    • Coaches other in the value & application of SMC
    Trade Strategy (Experienced)
    • Seeks information from a broad range of internal & external sources to identify opportunities to unlock growth.
    • Focuses on the development of a Trade Strategy to achieve both strategic & brand objectives.
    • Ensures identification of organizational implications.
    Commercial Planning (Mastery)
    • Fully exploits all market opportunities, proactively sharing issues & opportunities across channels. 
    • Redirects resources to deliver future activities based on evaluation of the past.
    Managing Relationships (Mastery)
    • Engages with senior contacts to gain long term support to our mutual benefit.     
    • Is highlyskilled in fostering commitment and resolving conflict. 
    • Can handle tough situations through advanced negotiation skills and effective, collaborative cross-functional team working. 
    Sales Drivers (Experienced)
    • Adopts tried & tested activities for development locally.  
    • Prioritizes Sales Drivers by channel, segment & customer to optimize return on investment. 
    • Evaluates activities against consumer/ shopper impact & customer compliance.
    • Adherence to the Marketing Code.
    Leadership Capabilities Ideas (Experienced)
    • Combines    sound    commercial    experience    with    a rational  and  logical  approach  to  problem  solving  to generate commercially viable initiatives.
    Living the Values (Experienced)
    • Consistent actions reflect a strong personal commitment to consumers, customers and brands.
    • Maintains   integrity   and   generates   trust   in   others across a range of situations.
    Emotional Energy (Mastery)
    • Inspires others around a motivational vision.
    • Wins heartsand minds of collaborators in order to deliver transformational changes
    Edge (Experienced)
    • Drives own performance against clearly defined priorities. Knowswhen to say ‘no’
    • Takes  a  personal  stand  behind  what  is  right  for  the business. 
    • Willing  to  take  somepersonal  risk  when doing this.
    People Performance (Mastery)
    • Is influential at the highest levels and through coaching and  development  builds  teams  of  Diageo  world  class standard.
    COMPETENCES (Savoir-être) / Experience
    • Sales or relevant industry related experience in FMCG, ideally beverage industry, with experience of managing customers of all levels
    • Prior experience in a brewing company is an advantage
    • Strategic vision
    • Deep understanding of the Big Picture (macro PESTEL etc)
    • Strong leader, coach, trainer and facilitator
    • Finance, business management
    • Key Account Management
    • Bilingual English / French is an advantage
    • Healthy and physically robust
    • Computer literate (Microsoft Office)
    • Good driver with a valid license
    • Demande d’emploi
    • Lettre de motivation
    • CV actualisé
    • Photocopie CNI
    • Photocopie du dernier diplôme
    • Envoyer le dossier à l’adresse recrutement@sa-ucb.com
    • Ou A la guérite de la Direction Générale d’UCB sis à BASSA/Douala
    • Ou encore Déposer dans l’un de nos centres
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