Digital Marketing Officer at IKWEN

ikwen is an internet company located in Yaoundé. We are providing B2B Cloud solutions and also B2C products. In order to grow our customer base and presence on the market, we would like to hire a Digital Marketing Officer with the skills as in the Job Description below :

If you are interested, send your CV and resume to contact@ikwen.com with the Subject Digital Marketing Officer Application.

Only shorlisted people will be called for an interview. If you are hired, you will be working in our office in Biyem-Assi.

Job Description:

  1. Excellent at designing a Marketing operation through the writing of strategic and implementation documents
  2. Able to launch and follow a marketing campaign
  3. Good at setting up documented customer follow up procedures
  4. Able to analyze customer's reactions and propose solutions for unstatifying results
  5. Excellent at writing short comprehensive and engaging messages to promote a good or service on an internet page, social media, marketing email, or SMS.
  6. Good at writing official letters for B2B operations
  7. Familiarity with community management
  8. Bilingual: Be able to write English and French correctly. Speaking both fluently is a plus
  9. Able to build PowerPoint presentations from ideas to engage potential partners and customers
  10. Able to discuss about company's products and attend meetings in the name of the company
  11. Able to design promotion posters for company and give clear instructions for an infographer to implement it
  12. Able to think and design storyboard for company's video Ads
  13. Able to comfortably use a computer


  • Good knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of Good internet practices is a plus (SEO, Blogging, etc.)
  • Fast at typing
  • Familiar with image design softwares
  • Prior experience in the Digital Marketing field is a must-have
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