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Job Advert: Manager - Labacorp Solar Academy (LSA)

Job Summary

The Manager of Labacorp Solar Academy (LSA) will be in charge of planning, directing and overseeing the day-to-day operations of Labacorp Solar Academy (LSA), providing leadership and coordinating the entire Labacorp Solar Academy team, under the supervision on the Chairman and CEO.


  • Set SMART goals and objectives for the Labacorp Solar Academy (LSA) team
  • Design and implement business plans and strategies to promote the attainment of Labacorp Solar Academy goals
  • Develop goals and objectives that lead to growth and prosperity of Labacorp Solar Academy
  • Organize and coordinate operations in ways that ensure maximum productivity of the Labacorp Solar Academy team
  • Maintain and build relationships with Labacorp Solar Academy’s partners
  • Ensure that the company has the adequate and suitable resources to effectively carry out  its activities
  • Supervise the work of the Labacorp Solar Academy team and provide feedback and counsel to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Assess overall performance of Labacorp Solar Academy against vision and objectives
  • Represent Labacorp Solar Academy in events, conferences etc.
  • Ensure that Labacorp Solar Academy adheres to legal rules and guidelines in the area in which it operates
  • Undertake other roles and responsibilities as assigned, and deemed appropriate by the CEO of Labacorp Solar Academy.

Application Requirements

  • Professional CV
  • Professional Profile Picture (Half Size)
  • Professional Cover Letter address to Labacorp Energy

Send CV, Motivation letter and photo (PDF) to

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