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Job advert: Salesperson at LABACORP ENERGY LIMITED



  • Selling of Labacorp Energy products and services   
  • Speaking to senior-level executives around the globe and selling the opportunity to partner with Labacorp Energy
  • Responding to external sales inquiries and generating leads
  • Prepare all budgets activities for all Labacorp Energy activities
  • Prepare, design, and offer various services proposals to clients
  • Meeting with clients to discuss business relationships, and selling Labacorp Energy services, and events
  • Responsible for driving revenue through prospecting, marketing, and selling
  • Management for sales campaigns, and working closely with Labacorp Energy management
  • Achieving individual sales targets set in conjunction with Labacorp Energy management
  • Keep track of new business opportunities in targeted markets
  • Maintain telephone contact with key contacts to establish their promotional strategies
  • Sell over the phone to existing and potential new clients to meet realistic sales revenue targets
  • Weekly reports on sales and marketing plans and activities
  • Perform additional duties as required in the sales and marketing domain
  • Plays different roles related to achieving revenue goals for Labacorp Energy Limited


  • Bilingual: Fluent in English & French
  • Write Good English / Grammar
  • Based in Douala, Cameroon
  • Office and Mobile Working
  • Ability to work from home
  • Must be passionate about development in Africa
  • Must be enthusiastic and thrives on balancing multiple priorities
  • Ensure that you are capable to fulfill the duties and responsibilities
  • Must be good in making phone calls to potential and existing clients
  • Computer: Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Vision

Selection Stage

  • Materials Review
  • Phone Interview
  • In Person Interview
  • Probation Period
  • Official Employment

Performance Evaluation

  • Demonstrates trust and credibility
  • Demonstrates high levels of productivity
  • Ability to negotiate and build rapport effectively
  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Demonstrates effective listening and communication skills
  • Competencies and demonstrates objection handling skill

Labacorp Energy Code of Conduct

  • Demonstrate reliability
  • Communicate constructively
  • Listen actively and function actively
  • Shares openly and willingly
  • Cooperates and pitches into help
  • Exhibits flexibility and work as a problem-solver
  • Show commitment to the company
  • Treats others in a respectful and supportive way

Application Requirements

  • Professional CV
  • Professional Profile Picture (Half Size)
  • Professional Cover Letter address to Labacorp Energy

Send CV, Motivation letter and photo (PDF) to

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